Wool Care

How to care for your wool:

The number one rule when it comes to wool care is to read the instructions on the label.
Some brands allow you to wash on a gentle wool cycle, whereas others recommend hand wash only. By following the guidance on the label, you will ensure to get the most out of your newly purchased woollen product, while honouring the warranty (if applicable).
Try not to over wash your woollen product. Wool is a natural fibre, which is more odour and stain resistant compared to other fibres. Furthermore, it can keep its “newly washed” look for longer.

How to store your wool:

It is vital that you care for and store your wool correctly, to extend its longevity.
The best way to prevent moth larvae from attacking your beautiful woollen garment is to make sure it’s used frequently and stored properly. There are several ways to store your wool, whether being in an airtight plastic bag or container. The key is that the storage unit is airtight as moths can enter very tight spaces. To repel any moths, it’s a good idea to leave a block of cedar wood or a lavender satchel in the container with your garment.