About Us


We are two women who are passionate about bringing this beautiful, versatile sustainable, and unique product to everyone we can. It is our wish and dream to bring as many beautiful woollen products to our customers as possible and to make finding quality pieces a pleasant, effortless journey.

We have been amazed at how technology has evolved to produce the incredibly fine, soft and unique apparels in the market today.  You can now wear wool all year round; it is a truly versatile choice for every season.

The two of us are, literally, United By Wool through our husbands’ having their own wool exporting company. We both bring a point of difference which adds to the unique speciality of United By Wool, the online store.


Our friendship is weaved together by wool.


Having grown up in Denmark, wool was the chosen product used by parents to keep their children warm and cosy from the icy cold winters. I have a vivid memory of wearing a thick, itchy, heavy jumper, hand knitted by Grandma. This experience definitely encouraged me to keep away from anything wool!

However, as fate would have it my career was in logistics specialising in textiles and when I moved to Australia, my first job was with a wool exporting company.  It was there I meet and fell in love with my wool-buying husband and wool. I was reintroduced and educated in wool and it’s evolution.

Now a mum myself, I made the conscious decision to clothe my son in woollen products having come to know all the amazing benefits of wool.  I found it surprisingly difficult to source many, if any, products here,  which lead me to buy the majority of outfits from Denmark when I would visit my family(which is ironic).

So, when I was asked to join United By Wool I was excited to be included in a company which gives people the opportunity to buy woollen clothes from around the globe in one online location.


I’m a country girl at heart, having grown up on a sheep and cattle farm in South Australia. I have fond memories of spending hours in the woolshed helping during school holidays. I have a unique understanding of wool and the process, of fibre to fashion. As a farmer’s daughter, I have always sought to buy woollen clothes. As a testament to the quality of wool, I still have and wear garments that are over 10 years old. 

When my girls were little, I found it really hard to buy woollen products for them. I really had to use my digital media skills to find products I liked. I am now frequently asked where I have found such products.

Over the years I have watched my husband (an exporter in the wool industry) and I’ve wanted to use my digital media and advertising skills to help promote the fibre I love. With the creation of United By Wool, I am excited to be able to do this.